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Mortgage management


What is MAP?

The MAP solution is essentially our debt management software that models and reports on the total debt positions of our clients. Coupled with our advice, optimal debt facility structuring and budget management, MAP enables our clients to rapidly reduce their household debt levels, increase savings, improve their net asset positions and take control of their finances regardless of what stage in their life they are in. MAP lies at the heart of our client relationships and provides:

  • A proven method of simplifying household budgeting
  • Strategies to control and reduce debt and save unnecessary interest costs
  • The identification of wealth and investment needs and their sustainability
  • Measurement of progress against targets and updates as to next steps
  • Information, knowledge and a rigorous framework to improve control.

MAP clients receive comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand monthly reports, plus an annual review of their progress and their evolving financial situation.

If you would like to discuss how you can best take control of your finances and pay off your loan commitments quicker, contact baldwinwicks.

Who is MAP for?

MAP is suitable for most baldwinwicks clients, including those who have debt in the form of a residential property mortgage, a business or chattel loan or an investment loan for a property purchase.

Whilst the personal objectives of our MAP clients vary widely, there is a common goal among them to reduce interest payments and to pay off non tax deductible debt as quickly as possible. By adopting the strategies offered by their unique MAP strategy, a discipline develops that enables them to maximise savings and achieve individual goals that were previously felt to be out-of-reach.

If you would like to find out more about MAP and how it will assist you, contact baldwinwicks.


How does MAP work?

MAP is very easy for our clients to engage with and offers substantial benefits immediately. MAP has an initial start-up phase followed by an ongoing monthly monitoring and mentoring phase.

We work closely with our MAP clients to establish the techniques, knowledge, skills and habits required for successful money management. A proven and rigorous approach is undertaken for all MAP clients where we;

  1. Develop a detailed picture of a client’s financial position including all assets, liabilities and investments
  2. Assess the client’s position and various financing options and debt management strategies are presented
  3. Organise financing options and debt structuring, if required
  4. Provide the optimal strategy for the correct structure of any loans and associated bank accounts
  5. Present initial financial forecasting and projections using the optimal strategy, including all expected outcomes
  6. Provide simple to understand instruction and operational manuals to enable the best use of the information we provide
  7. Provide an easy to use monthly report which summarises progress in managing a client’s financial affairs, rapidly reducing debt levels and realising a brighter financial future
  8. Provide an Annual Review to all MAP clients to ensure they are on track.

Our MAP support team is also on hand to assist clients with general enquiries and to provide ongoing support.

If you would like to discuss how we can provide you with a truly integrated service to meet your lending, debt management and private wealth needs using MAP, contact baldwinwicks.

How much does MAP cost?

MAP clients quickly become aware that MAP as an investment rather than a cost as MAP will typically reduce their debt levels manifold times quicker than those that choose not to use MAP. This can result in MAP clients saving hundreds of thousands of dollars plus reaping other benefits which can be attributed to financial independence.

Our clients’ financial commitment to their MAP strategy is built into their overall budgetary projections and can be capitalised into any loan principal amounts. It involves two components;

  1. A MAP establishment fee
  2. An ongoing service fee.

For full details of MAP fees and charges, contact baldwinwicks.

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